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Water Technology


On line Instrumentation for water,
Wastewater, High Purity Water and Steam

 Swan Technologies offers the full proposals in selling and marketing the experienced solution package of instruments and systems for water industry.

The power industries as well as the semiconductor manufacturers rely on SWAN instrumentation worldwide. SWAN has also set the standard for the control of many other water quality parameters in applications ranging from swimming pools to effluent treatment.

SWAN sets the industry standard for process analytical instruments. Every instrument must perform within specifications. Our distributors will follow up and make sure instruments are installed correctly and operators are trained.

  Latest Product Developments @ SWAN  

AMI Sodium P is the next generation sodium analyzer that will replace the well known SOLO Sodium model.

The reliable reagent dosing and the proven sensor system have not been changed. A new transmitter provides much more user comfort and information than was possible with the SOLO model.

The most outstanding new feature is the monitoring of sample pH. The instrument issues an alarm upon depletion of the reagent (diisopropylamine or ammonia).

The AMI Sodium P is available in a single or dual stream version. P stands for passive reagent delivery. AMI Sodium A with active delivery for acidic samples will be available later this year.


The AMI Codes TC is a process photometer for monitoring total residual chlorine in many applications using the DPD method as defined by ISO and approved by EPA.

Safety features include automatic zero calibration as well as sample flow and reagent level monitoring.

A chemical Cleaning Module is available to prevent fouling and therefore reduces maintenance. The user can set the cleaning frequency and the duration in the transmitter of the photometer.